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Snapchat influencers audit

Hello, We are looking for a Snapchat influencer audit tool. Please advise, Kamal +966562202404

/v1/monitoring/snapchat/accounts/ not ordered alphabetically

this request won't return ordered list, so pagination is pretty much useless

Not found error

When I am trying to make an api call with my key, I am putting in my username on my account and I get a 404 error. It says that my username is not one of my monitored accounts

Possible Outage?

It appears that the snaplytics dashboard is unavailable, and we are getting 504 Gateway Timout error when calling the API. Any info on the cause or a possible resolution would be appreciated.

Possible to save user posts via API?

We are considering running a competition on Snapchat and want to save all pictures and videos that are sent in during this time. Is this possible with the API in Snaplytics and how?

API QUESTION - Does our API access provide story level information?

I'm exploring the /stories/:storyId/items endpoint of the API and as I'm putting in storyIDs from my accounts, the call is returning a 404 error. This is the GET request I'm making - https://api.snaplytics.io/v1/stories/157616/items The story number came from the /accounts/:accountId/stories endpoint. Thanks for your help!

What is the 'item' in the stories object?

Hi! I'm currently integrating the snaplytics API and I was wondering what the 'item' key is in the 'stories' object. Is 'item' a single snap in a snapchat story? Thanks!